Hauling and Transport Services

Transportation & Hauling

Our flatbeds can accomodate all types of small to medium construction equipment: aerial lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, skid-steers, forklifts and 20ft containers, bobcats, garden tractor, sheds, etc.

Flat Deck Services

* More than ever, the need for flat deck carrier services are in huge demand - Truck Rescue is here to fulfill that need. If it can be put on a flat deck, we can haul it for you, whether within Alberta or across the country. We'll carry cars, trucks, sheds, pipes, machinery, lumber, anything - even buses. Call for a quote for your specific needs.

Sliding Axle Trailer Service

* Using specialized 53' trailers which lower to the ground allowing easy, fast and safe loading of any type of tracked or wheeled vehicles or machinery
* Tractor Services
* Picker and Crane Services
* Hauling capacity of 55,000 lbs
* Over size, over length buildings and equipment, 8'6", 9' and 10' widths
* Hotshot
* 24/7 Commitment

Tandem Axle Flatbed Service with 25,000lb Capacity, 26' in Length

* Perfect for hauling equipment including 45' man lifts
* Equipped with ball and pintle hitches
* Hotshot
* 24/7 Commitment

Single Axle Flatbed Service with 10,000lb Capacity, 21' in Length

* Specialized vehicle hauling, lowered vehicles, collector cars, lifted trucks, or simply if you prefer a flatbed
* Equipped with ball hitches for trailers
* Boosting service
* Unlock service
* Any type of cargo under 10,000lb and fitting into a 21' by 102" area
* Hotshot
* 24/7 Commitment

Hotshot Service

* Pickup trucks dispatched to rush goods and equipment where you need it
* 24/7 Commitment

Enclosed Trailer Service

* Transporting valuable automobiles, across Western Canada
* 24/7 Commitment